• We are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream

  • The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide you are not going to stay where you are

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When you’re part of the Y, you become part of a charitable organization committed to strengthening the community. Membership offers the benefit of discounts on a wide range of programs that offer resources, support and education for you and your family to be at your best.

YMCA Munchirai is to unite young men and women together for the development of their physical, social, intellectual and spiritual enrichment, to inspire them with Christ’s ideals of service and lead them to His discipleship, to co-operate with the Church and other organizations working for the welfare of India and to stimulate the formation of movements for the highest advancement of humanity.

Central to our success are:

  • The people who unite behind our mission and bring their many talents to our work;
  • The safe and welcoming places we provide—from health facilities to classrooms to newcomer centres—that foster a sense of community;
  • The comprehensive community-based programs that provide the extra skills, opportunities and confidence that many individuals and families need to achieve their full potential.
  • Our advocacy for health promoting public policy that fosters a sense of belonging; and
  • The philosophy that guides our actions, a holistic approach premised on the building blocks of the social determinants of health, harm reduction, the stages of change, and developmental-appropriateness

Our Services

As a charity, the YMCA provides vital community services that are having a positive impact on some of people’s most pressing social issues—from chronic disease to unemployment, social isolation, poverty, inequality and more.

Our Programs

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We are conducting free tailoring classes for women
YMCAs offer sports programmes to people of every social and economic background. YMCAs are providing impoverished children and young people with fun, healthy forms of physical exercise and simple games that require a minimum of equipment. An important YMCA principle is that health and fitness should be affordable for all and prices are kept low. Another important YMCA principle is that sports should bring the community together, rather than encourage individualism. For example in India, the YMCA adopted indigenous games in rural areas that fostered community-building.

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